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The Curlew Country Project 2017

Friday March 10th, 2017 | Stephanie

Once the Herald of spring for many, the haunting call of curlew is much harder to hear these days.  With the local curlew population having declined by 30% in the last ten years, the Curlew Country Project needs your help to save these beautiful birds.

Last year we gained national recognition for our ground-breaking work to save local curlew.

photograph by Tony Cross

This year, Curlew Country continues to:
• Monitor curlew nests to discover why they are failing
• Work with farmers to identify the costs of supporting nesting and foraging curlew in a farm business in order to influence policy makers
• Tag and track curlew to understand curlew behaviour
• Protect nests by predation control including electric fencing
• Train those interested in helping curlew to better understand curlew behaviour
• Work with the volunteer Community Wildlife Group bird surveyors to locate nesting and feeding territories and record adult population numbers
• Raise funds to continue the vital work of the project

photograph by Tony Cross

You can help by:
• Reporting local sighting of curlew, and other wader birds such as snipe and lapwing, using our online recording form http://www.stiperstonesandcorndon.co.uk/birdform/ or by contacting Amanda Perkins on 01938 561741.
• Supporting the Curlew Country fund raising Appeal.
• Joining your local Community Wildlife Group to help with surveys and recording – contact Joe Penfold on 01938 561741.

This summer, we continue to raise awareness about the plight of our local birds with an exciting community arts project titled ‘A Case for Curlews’.  A reminiscence project ‘Curlew Conversations’ is also happening to capture local memories of curlew.

There is lots more information about the project on our Curlew Country web-page http://www.stiperstonesandcorndon.co.uk/curlewcountry/

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