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Buzz in the Borders captured on film

Wednesday August 23rd, 2017 | Stephanie

This summer term, the children at Churchstoke School have been learning all about pollinators with the Buzz in the Borders Project.

Take a look at their local explorations https://vimeo.com/224651884

Some of the things they got up to included:

• Met three Giant Spiny stick insects, looking closely at their structure!
• Scoured the school garden for insects in the trees and bushes, using the ID guides and magnifying glasses to work out what they were.
• Followed the progress of some Painted Lady caterpillars as they changed into butterflies, before releasing them on the school grounds.
• Walked up Roundton Hill (despite the wind and rain!) looking for signs of insects and pollinators.
• Walked around the Orchard at Hurdley Hall, looking at some of the interesting names of fruit trees.
• Conducted meadow surveys of the wildflower meadows at Hurdley Hall, determining them to be of very good quality!
• Took part in “Meet the Pollinators” and got to interview lots of different types of bees.
• Planted lovely flowering plants in the school garden to make it better for pollinators.
• Learnt how butterflies and bees move by doing a buzzing and fluttering dance in the school hall.
And much more! Including making wire butterflies, bug hotels and preparing their big sharing event.

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