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A choral journey of the Shropshire Hills

Wednesday August 23rd, 2017 | Stephanie

Travel on the Long Mynd & Stiperstones Shuttle Buses this September and you’ll be treated to a choral, as well as scenic, journey through the Shropshire Hills.

The songs were created this spring/summer by composer, Mary Keith.  Mary ran a series of outdoor singing workshops to inspire new ways of seeing and understanding our fragile Shropshire Hills landscape.


Participants, of all abilities, sang in all weathers at four contrasting sites; Carding Mill Valley, Poles Bank, the highest point on the Long Mynd, Mitchell’s Fold stone circle and the Bog/Nipstone Rock.

The intrepid singers, inspired by their surroundings, added musical and lyrical ideas to the songs written by Mary.  Recordings took place in different village halls.  As such, they have a ‘field’ quality to them, complete with creaking floorboards, occasional tractor, aeroplane and traffic noise.

The singing workshops were part of the Heartland Project.  Three artists helped people to explore and appreciate the history, the stories and the future of this beautiful rugged upland area and understand what part we humans can play in caring for it.

We hope you enjoy the songs on board the buses as you travel through the hills.  An information sheet about the songs and their inspirations are on the buses for passengers to read or can be downloaded here.  The Shuttle Buses end on Sunday 24th September 2017.

For timetable, route map and ticket prices see http://www.shropshirehillsaonb.co.uk/enjoying-the-shropshire-hills/shuttles/

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