4.3 Down to Earth

This project is about involving local communities in caring for and learning about their local landscape, and to conserve and enhance heritage significant to them.

Down to Earth supports local communities who want to take action to conserve and celebrate their heritage.  It starts with local events like tours, walks and talks to encourage people to get involved and share what they love about their local landscape.  People can follow and explore existing interests, discover new ones and contribute to community life and historic features. Some examples are:

  • Discovering and recording village history
  • Exploring and improving the management of local motte and bailey castles
  • Discovering ancient hedgerows and helping to improve their management with landowners.
  • Wildlife gardening and churchyard wildlife management
  • Community wood fuel
  • Delving into the archive history of local businesses such as pubs and shops
  • Exploring local myths, legends and famous people creatively, for instance through art, theatre or guided walks
  • Stiperstones and Corndon Chronicles – young people recording, promoting and publishing memories from 1940’s to 1970’s
  • Easier access routes to sites of local heritage interest

For more information and to get involved please contact Joe Penfold.

In 2014, a series of events and meetings were organised for people living around Corndon, in Hyssington, Churchstoke and Priestweston.  Local projects are beginning to take shape and include the restoration and conservation of Hyssington village green, and ‘vanishing buildings’ – researching the history of old farms and houses.