4.1 Farming & Smallholding

This project is about working directly with land owners to protect the wildlife and cultural heritage on their land, and help connect to other projects in the Scheme.

Working to achieve:

  • Better management for wildlife without compromising livelihoods
  • Better understanding between people of different backgrounds, experience and interests
  • Practical ways to improve rural livelihoods while protecting the environment

We are doing this by:

  • Free landowner management advice visits, plans and specialist information, with a small grants where needed
  • Helping landowners on the Welsh side of the area use Glastir, the new Welsh scheme
  • Advice notes responding to consultations and issues raised by farmers
  • Farm walks, talks and events for better understanding between farming and non-farming communities
  • Learning what works well through best practice visits to nearby farms in stewardship/Glastir
  • Masterclasses for land managers and contractors to help them do more on-farm

For more information and to get involved please contact Amanda Perkins or John (JP) Brayford.