2.2 Helping Hillforts & Earthwork Castles

This project aims to improve access, interpretation and conservation of key hillforts and earthworks with expert and volunteer help.

As the richest area in the UK in medieval castles and ancient hillforts, we are bringing to life two Iron Age hillforts and four medieval castles, by:

  • Sensitive improvements to conserve the historic remains
  • Site improvements to help people get to the sites and appreciate them
  • Explore and record known and new information about the forts & castles to tell the local borderland story

Opportunities for:

  • Practical work to improve historic sites
  • Finding out and telling their specific stories and how they connect to the bigger borderland picture
  • Learning archaeological and research skills to make a lasting contribution to community history

For more information and to get involved please contact Joe Penfold.

What’s happened so far?

20150721_092721_resized (low res)As part of the Tuesday Task Team hands-on conservation work programme, volunteers have been cutting back vegetation and improving access at the following sites

  • Roundton Hillfort, near Churchstoke
  • Callow Hillfort, near Minsterley
  • Wilmington Earthwork Castle
  • Castle Pulverbatch
  • Hyssington Earthwork Castle


Management plans have been put in plan for Roundton Hillfort and Callow Hillfort, and an agreement has also been put in place for The Knapp, Castle Pulverbatch.  A detailed archaeological survey at each site has helped to shape the management plans.