Meet the Team

Joy’s role is to manage the delivery of the Landscape Partnership Scheme and the LPS team, this includes management of budgets and grant claims, oversight of contractors and consultants, and organisation of and reporting to the LP Board.
Joy has a background in practical countryside management and community engagement, and prior to her involvement with the LPS, worked as a consultant to support clients in the public and voluntary sector to develop, deliver and evaluate rural projects, mostly within an environmental, natural resource or heritage related context. Joy was responsible during 2012 for developing the LPS delivery plan and stage 2 submission to Heritage Lottery Fund, alongside Helen Fairweather.
In her spare time, Joy enjoys being with her family and getting out and about in the beautiful countryside of Shropshire and Mid Wales!

Joe’s role is to work with community groups across the LPS area to provide new opportunities to engage in natural and cultural heritage, through grant-supported projects such as Down to Earth and Community Wildlife Groups.  Joe also manages projects within the Land Between Lands and Scraping Beneath the Surface programmes. Joe is a member of both Shrewsbury Mountaineering Club and Shropshire Mining and Caving Club, so in his spare time is either found climbing rock faces or crawling through mine shafts!

  • Countryside Officers – Amanda Perkins & John Brayford (job- share)

Amanda Perkins –

Amanda’s background is in land agency and natural and cultural heritage.

The Birds, the Bees and the Products – A large part of Amanda’s job will be working with farmers and smallholders to find ways of protecting and developing sustainable communities of ground nesting birds such as curlews, lapwings and snipe as well as important native black bees. Her third major project is Products from the Landscape, which will help and support local heritage businesses directly or indirectly, conserving and enhancing natural or built heritage.

John Paul Brayford –

John’s (known as JP) role is to work with small holders and landowners (at any scale) across the LPS area to encourage the management of wildflower rich meadows, pastures and verges and he will also be offering free management advice and small grants to farmers for innovative habitat, cultural and diversification projects. JP also manages the Rescuing Rocks and Overgrown Relics project enhancing the biodiversity of 6 ex-quarry and mining sites within the heart of the LPS area. When not at work with the LPS JP runs a small forestry/ environmental contracting firm and occasionally escapes to watch Shrewsbury Town FC.

Jon will be managing the ‘Young people & heritage’ project which will work with primary and secondary schools within the LPS area, and also with families, to promote an awareness and appreciation of the special landscape and heritage. He will also be involved in the ‘Dynamic hills training’ project – coordinating the skills in the hills taster days and master classes, and supporting the heritage mixed-skills apprenticeship and work placements programme. Jon originally trained in Theatre and has previously worked as a freelance Artist focusing on Art in the community and education. Jon has worked with children of all ages, with special needs groups and with adults, in creative education projects linking Arts with the outdoors.