3.5 Products from the Landscape

This project aims to work with, support and promote local heritage businesses that in themselves will help to conserve and enhance the natural or built heritage.

Helping local business and protecting livelihoods that contribute to local heritage, such as local food producers and growers, pubs, shops, B & Bs, farm contractors by:

  • Encouraging and helping relevant businesses use and promote local products and become local centres for interpretation
  • Increasing work placements and apprenticeships with relevant businesses
  • Sense of Place training for relevant businesses so they can offer more to customers
  • New walking, cycling and riding routes that include relevant businesses
  • Business or themed events for the public
  • Promoting knowledge of local services which work to conserve or protect the landscape

Opportunities to:

  • Get conservation-related businesses better known locally, and on new leisure routes
  • Become a local centre for interpretation, encouraging more trade
  • Discover how special the area is, for enjoyment and offering more to customers
  • Help young people learn skills and remain in the area

For more information or to get involved please contact Amanda Perkins.