4.2 Young People & Heritage

This project is developing a series of sub projects to connect young people to the other projects in the Scheme area.

Helping young people and families to increase their enjoyment and understanding of local heritage, improving skills and future employment choices by:

  • Enjoying and learning about the countryside
  • Enhance career prospects by gaining recognised awards
  • Making realistic connections between the landscape, skills and livelihoods
  • Connecting the landscape and its people, wildlife and activities with the school curriculum

We are doing this by:

  • A ‘one stop shop’ with a menu of options for schools, including practical, conservation and creative activities, building relationships with schools, and creating new ideas together
  • Conservation task days, part of Europarc Youth Rangers
  • Helping young people achieve the internationally recognised John Muir Award
  • Family activities having fun in the countryside, such as mountain biking, wild camping, dark skies, foraging, living history and myths and legends
  • ‘People in the landscape’ photography competition
  • Link schools with local sites and farms, connecting food production (wild and farmed) with use of that food
  • Sense of Place training for youth leaders, youth-focused businesses, pony clubs, YFC etc

For more information and to get involved please contact Jon Bielstein.